I was told about the Psychic Fair 1st Sunday of the month in Dallas. It was my first visit, I chose you for a reading. Although I don't remember the content of the reading, I do remember your warmth, genuine caring and a feeling that you were the real deal! So, thanks for helping me at a time when I was just starting out and was kind of feeling my way around. I know now how important it is to connect with kindred souls, who are on a similar path. And you are this type of person to me. -- Blessings, P.S.

Thank you Annemarie.... I feel much more hopeful than before! Looking forward to better days ahead :) -- Blessings! R.L.

Hi AnnMarie,
I met you at one of your psychic fairs. Everything that you told me was True. You gave me information about someone that I didn't want to hear at the time, however it was all true.
So I believe in what you say to me and would like to meet up with you for another session. J — Dallas, TX

Hi AnnMarie,
Thank you very much for your wonderful Skype reading extended to me and all the information that you were able to confirm towards my wife’s departure. I also take the opportunity to send you one more picture of my lovely wife; she was my angel and a bright and lovely person.
Thank you so much again for your help in this time of deep sadness in my life,
Your words bring me much comfort and match some feelings that I am having recently regarding the whole situation. I will contact you soon for another reading and maybe it will be cards for my future this time,
 God bless you,
C.M. — Canada

I wanted to take the time and first thank AnnMarie for the wonderful reading she so kindly did for me. I felt a very strong connection with her. And highly recommend her. She truly is a gentle soul and had helped me feel at peace with what lies before me. Thank you AnnMarie
N.T. — Dallas, TX

I have been coming to AnnMarie for several years.
AnnMarie told me about who my boyfriend was going to be way before I met him.
We have bee together ever since.
Every reading I have had since, every detail has been true or come true. Every time I feel like I've been to a counseling session with wonderful answers.
I've talked to my grandparents with full details and full of emotions and vivid conversations.
S.B. — Waxahachie, TX

Annemarie, I want to thank you for your slideshow presentation and let you
know how you have influenced our lives.
Teaching me and my husband about orbs. Another way you influenced out lives. Our 16 yr old son lives with us and he will argue everything with his father. Needless to say, he is on that said orbs were just dust on your camera lenses.
When you shared, to just go outside with your camera and take pictures of orbs. Well I had never thought of that. So I did, and there they were. So I brought my husband outside and we took pictures and there were - Orbs. Each time I took another picture there were More!
Thank you for enriching my life and the life of my family and friends!!

This is my third reading and everything you've told me was true, everything you said would happen, has come true. I've prayed for guidance from God and I feel that I'm receiving it from you and I'm very thankful. I appreciate all your help and advice.
You told me that I would receive a phone call about someone being in a wreck and within a week later a friend's brother had been in a wreck. You are just Amazing!
I will continue to see you as you've been a tremendous help. Thanks.

You have been giving me readings for several years and they have always
been really accurate and helping me with what's going on in my life. You told
me things that I have never told anyone.
This reading was just as good as all the others. I came down to Texas from Boston and wouldn't leave without one.

I had many questions after the love of my life passed away last June. I was guided to AnnMarie and had these questions answered. There is no doubt she was communicating with Silvana and the answers have given me comfort and a clearer understanding of the (why) of my questions to Silvana.
KP — New Orleans, LA


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