AnnMarie has recently moved to the Spiritual community of Sarasota, FL after many years in Fort Worth, Texas and New Orleans.

AnnMarie has seen and felt the presence of spiritual beings all her life. She is an internationally recognized spiritual life coach, evidential and physical medium, certified paranormal investigator, minister, hypnotherapist (specializing in past life regressions), and facilitator of spiritual journeys.

AnnMarie facilitates regular Spirit Galleries and Table Tipping sťances. She also does private and group counseling sessions in person and via phone.

AnnMarie was raised in western Massachusetts, the Berkshires. Her adopted parents had lost a child 2 years earlier and spent a lot of time doing sťances in their attempt to connect with him. They unknowingly opened up a portal to the Spirit World. Therefore, growing up in a haunted house allowed AnnMarie to keep her imaginary friends that let her know that when we leave this earth plane there still is "Life After."

Because of these experience AnnMarie was always aware of paranormal activity, and communication with those in the other realms was natural.

AnnMarie was mentored by local North Adams licensed Psychic Mary Ziarnik and together they worked with police on local cases, offered healings, house blessings, and many spiritual sťances.

AnnMarie became an ordained minister in 1977. She is a Pastoral Counselor and wedding officiate and has worked with local social workers, civil liberties, and Junior league groups, and started child care and battered women's centers and was a foster parent.

She has offered her services internationally for 40 years, offering Intuitive Readings and Mediumship Spirit Circles. AnnMarie is a Hypnotherapist and since 2005 is also a Certified Paranormal Investigator and Instructor.

AnnMarie has also hosted a monthly Holistic Connectors Mid-Cities Metaphysical Meet Up Group with Donna Reis in Bedford, Texas.

She has hosted and co-hosted blog talk radio shows; The Spiritual Garden, with Sandy Winnette; Connecting Us To Other Realms, and CRN Radio show with Psychic Robin Zodiac. Currently she is the Southern State Coordinator for David Miller's Arcturian Group of Forty.

AnnMarie has been a presenter at the Prophets Conference in Palm Spring, California; Fort Worth's Satori group; and Light Streams Productions, Paranormal Investigators Conference, Charlotte, NC; as well as a Reader Presenter at The Wellness Expo in Addison and Fort Worth, Texas; Anchorage, Alaska; and Calgary, Canada.

AnnMarie has been a professional reader at local Psychic Fairs in Texas for over 20 years. She continues to offer her presentations and spirit circle around the world.

One of AnnMarie's great passions is taking groups on journeys to other vortex areas including, Sedona, AZ; Chichen Itza, Mexico; Machu Picchu, Peru; and Glastonbury, England. She is well known for offering these journeys over many years.


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