Mental and Physical Mediumship

I am what is known as a mental and physical medium. I connect with the other realms. What that means is that I am able to bring you information from your loved ones and even your pets. They will come through and tell you things that would make sense only to you.

We now know that there is an afterlife, that we do not die, that we just evolve and change characters. Everyone leaves when it is their time and makes it to the other side. They are greeted by their family members and loved ones that have crossed before them.

That veil is right next door and often we can see and be with our loved ones in what we call our dreams.

What to expect

When I am sitting with you I often first get a Sense or feeling that someone is here. Then I hear them, and will have a knowing or seeing.

I will give you information and ask for a "Yes" or "No" response. This is to validate that I am connecting with someone you relate to. If the answer is "No", then I can tune in and get more clarification that you can identify with.

More than one loved one can be present, and a lot of information can be given.

Tip: If you are planning to have a sitting, think about your loved one before your appointment. A few days prior, imagine telling your loved one that you want them to be at the appointment, too.

Some of the types of things I may tell you in a reading:

  • The person in spirit, if they are female or male
  • Their relationship to you
  • The personality, hair color, body type, height
  • How your loved one passed away, or health challenges they faced
  • A favorite hobby or pastime, job they had, or that you have
  • A favorite food
  • The number of children or grandchildren they had or you have.

  • Message

    The most important part of any mediumship reading is passing on messages from the person in spirit to their family and friends who are still living. Messages can be anything at all! Facts about their life, memories of times together, what is going on in yours or your family's daily lives. They can and do see us and watch over us. If you have something going on in your life and need assistance, ask them. They are eager to help!

    I joke with my clients that, even though they are the ones paying the fee for the reading, my real client is the person in spirit. Mediumship, for me, is like tuning in an old radio. It had a dial and you had to "tune in" through the static to get a clear signal. Most after-death communications (i.e. mediumship) is what we refer to as mental mediumship. In other words, when your loved one in heaven is communicating with the medium, it is taking place via mental telepathy. I use my senses, which some call the Clair's.

  • Clairsentience: clear feeling
  • Clairaudience: clear hearing
  • Claircognizance: clear knowing
  • Clairvoyance: clear seeing
  • NOTE: Please understand that Your Loved Ones May Not Come Through Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your loved one in heaven will come through during your session. Typically they will, but there is never a guarantee.

    Very rarely is it that no one shows up. It is your energy that welcomes them in. I have had people that told that spirit to GO AWAY...I Don't want to talk to you. The spirit will then leave.

    REMEMBER: Just because its not who you thought you wanted to hear from someone has traveled a long way to visit and they just might have a message that you need to hear. So come with an open heart to receive that which you need to hear.

    Medium readings can be done in person or over the phone - there is no difference in the quality. You can be sitting in the same room as an intuitive person, or across the world - it doesn't matter.

    Physical Mediumship

    As a physical medium I am able, through the assistance of our loved ones in spirit to move physical objects, most popular is a table.

    This most common type of Phenomena is known a Table Tipping seance, and once the room becomes almost pitch black, a heavy wooden table appears to move, at times violently, to each family member.

    The creaks and taps are explained as messages from the spirit world.

    The atmosphere is emotionally charged, the table spins, creaks, and will even stand up and give "Hugs" and can "talk," spinning like a top for a yes answer and away for a no.

    It is hard to explain but the table has a language of its own. You may see little sparkles of spirit lights or even a mist or fog of sorts. You may hear raps or taps as the table would ask you to invite the loved ones you wish to reach to come to the Seance.

    Spend the time between now and the Seance thinking about them. Remember all the love, warmth, and good times you shared. Talk to them as if they were there with you, because they are. Table tipping can bring love and peace, validating that our loved ones are always near by and want to connect and communicate with us.

    Believe me when I say that they are just as eager to communicate with you as you are with them.

    Have table will travel.

    Paranormal Investigation

    The desire to understand more about the spirit world is nearly as old as the Human race itself. This desire seems to know no cultural or geographic boundaries. Evidence indicates the ancients believed that some form of communication between the living and the dead is possible. The Tibetan Book of the Dead appears to bear this out, because it basically is an instruction manual for the dead. Great philosophers the world over, such as Aristotle and Socrates, both spoke at length of their regular conversations with those in the spirit world.

    What causes a place to become haunted?

    No one really knows.

    In fact, there are so many types of hauntings, from human ghosts to animal ghosts to even ghost ships that no one has ever bee able to come up with a general theory that can explain all of them. Any single theory would have to explain why apparitions are seen in some locations, but not in others. It would have to provide an explanation for phantom footsteps, cold sports, strange smells, breezes, being touched by unseen hands, solid objects moving about, lights and electrical devices go on and off, doors that open close by themselves. and much more.

    Many authorities believe that ghosts are literally the “spirits” of people who have died and who have remained behind at a location.

    What is a Haunting?

    A haunting is a repeated manifestation of strange and inexplicable sensory phenomena at a certain location. Some phenomena may manifest on occasion or even continually for periods that last from several days to centuries.

    AnnMarie facilitates Paranormal Investigations at haunted locations and also teaches a Paranormal Investigations Certification Course.


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