Life Coaching Consultations

I use my natural intuition Along with the tools of Numerology and Tarot To talk about who you are /your life purpose and look at your past, present and possibilities for your future.

In person * phone * facetime

Spirit Galleries / Table Tipping Séances

Table Tipping - Using a table you will get a Hug from your loved ones Individual and Group events available.

Receive Messages from Heaven / Afterlife


Past Life Regressions Sessions


The following seminars are given as a series of classes to be taken for development of your natural intuition psychic, mediumship and spiritual themes.

Seminars are for Individual and Groups.

Intuition 101

This class is for Beginners who are waking up to the Spiritual Being that you are! Before your can grow - You first need to know

Self Awareness

Numerology - why you chose your birthday! How to tell the difference between ego and intuition. Recognizing your energy. What are your body's signals? Your aura. Your 7 chakras.

Fine Tuning Your Intuition

Developing your Clairvoyance. Clear Seeing. Knowing. Clear Hearing. Feeling. Smelling. Tasting. Channel.


Guided Meditations. Your 6th Sense, also known as Third Eye. Recognition of the Soul. Meet your guides.


Does everyone dream? Lucid dreaming. Déjà Vu.

Advanced Workshop

Psychic Art * Automatic Writing * Past Lives * Cord cutting * Soul Retrieval

Seminars are activity based, learning by doing!

For more information contact:
AnnMarie Touchette
817-528-8841 or 941-312-1682


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